Expanded Preclinical Solutions

 Transposagen has merged its research technologies and services business with Hera BioLabs. With our combined unique capabilities in gene editing reagents, cell line engineering and in vivo oncology services we provide Enabling technologies. Exceptional services. Data delivered. 

piggyBac® transposase

With over 550 peer-reviewed publications, the piggyBac transposase technology is a non-viral, gene delivery system designed for use in many different research applications. With a large cargo capacity of over 200kb, piggyBac surpasses many other transposon and viral delivery vehicles, making it the optimal choice for stable cell line creation. 

Gene Edited Cell Lines

Genome edited cell lines can be leveraged effectively to contribute to the drug discovery pipeline. For example, disease-linked mutations can be created or corrected, genes can be knocked out or edited for target identification and genes can be inserted to produce valuable reagents. Hera provides custom cell line engineering services with downstream in vivo screening available in cancer cell lines

About Transposagen & Hera

 Transposagen was founded in 2003 to commercialize early gene editing technology. Since then, Transposagen has merged with Hera BioLabs and has significantly increased its scientific offerings to include a suite of gene editing technologies and services that address the research needs of both academic and drug discovery investigators.